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Our Mission

It is our mission at The Law Office of Gregory P. LaMonaca, P.C., to pro-actively assist our clients in the development, execution, and realization of their “goals.” From the initial meeting with our client through the overall resolution of the case, we will work vigorously and tenaciously to assist our clients in developing their goals and to ensure their rights are protected. And even more importantly that their voices and concerns are heard. This system, created by Mr. LaMonaca, is called “Brutally Honest.” It is a three-phase comprehensive process designed to: first, assess the past; second determine what the client’s current objectives are; and third develop a proactive plan to guide clients forward toward their goals and beyond.

Mr. LaMonaca, along with former custody client and friend James Grim, wrote the Brutally Honest Life Management Journal. The Journal outlines the process of “Brutally Honest” and allows the reader to engage in a self-guided journey to reconnect to what matters most in their life. Once the connection is made, the client is equipped and empowered to move forward with the rest of their life.

It is always our approach to attempt to amicably resolve every matter in an expeditious and cost-effective manner. However, should the parties disagree, we stand committed to aggressively implement our “Team-Oriented,” litigation approach, within the sound ethical and professional boundaries of the law.

Let the Law Office of Gregory P. LaMonaca, P.C.; serve your needs with experience and resilience.

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