The Many Meanings of Shared Custody in Pennsylvania

The Many Meanings of “Shared Custody” in Pennsylvania The term “shared custody” gets thrown around a lot in Pennsylvania custody cases  Sometimes it’s used interchangeably with “50/50” custody  Where appropriate, shared physical custody is a great way of ensuring that each parent

Establishing Paternity

Establishing Paternity Most people have watched the show and heard the now catch phrase “you are not the Father”  It normally leads to one person running off the stage and the other person dancing in joy  But what does this really mean to the child  Establishing paternity is vital to

Social Media Prenuptial Agreements

Social Media Prenuptial Agreements In the age of technology, prenuptial agreements are evolving to address concerns surrounding social media use and what is posted and available for public consumption The “social media prenup” is becoming more common as couples choose to address what

Prenuptial Agreements: Securing Your Future

Getting married can be one of the most exciting times in a person’s life One component of wedding planning that is often overlooked is consideration of what will happen if the parties get divorced People are rarely thinking about divorce as they are preparing to get married The reality is,


To what length will you go to be in your kid’s life  How much does it make a difference to your kids that you spend time with them  Is it better to work out custody with the other parent  All these questions and more present themselves in the 1990’s movie Mrs Doubtfire!!!! In Mrs

Parents, Third-parties, and Presumptions in Custody

When a court makes a determination in a child custody case, it must consider the 16 enumerated custody factors set forth by the statute In addition, the custody statute sets forth additional considerations for the court to weigh Both parents and non-parents can sue for custody, assuming they have