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Serious child custody issues require serious legal representation

If one custodial parent moves out of the country and violates a court order by doing so, then The International Hague Convention may protect the other parent. Although these cases are difficult to go through, The Law Office of Gregory P. LaMonaca, P.C. will be by your side throughout the entire process: including finding your child if the parent has moved “under the radar,” and is trying to leave undetected. We have successfully litigated Hague cases in many different countries and have successfully reunited the children with their “left behind” parent back here on United States’ soil. We coordinate massive efforts with our team of attorneys, the United States Department of State, the United States Embassy in the foreign land, the equivalent department in the Country where the children are wrongfully retained and, we arrange for local counsel in the foreign country, etc. Compliant with the ethical standards of our profession and consistent with our confidential relationship with our client, we involve select publicity, political entities, and individuals to garner attention and support.

The Hague Convention helps families internationally, rather than just domestically, and is in place because of the many conflicts involving child abduction across international borders. You need a trusted attorney by your side and we are knowledgeable in all family law matters and child custody cases.

If your child has been abducted, notify the courts through your attorney, act as quickly as possible, be prepared with all the facts you know, and do not settle for being a parent left behind when it comes to your child.

Our legal team will fight for the return of your children. Contact us for help with your case today.

Stepping in with Hague Convention requires an experienced team of the “right” attorneys. Contact us for help with your case today.

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