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Spousal Support and Alimony Pendente Lite (APL) in Pennsylvania Matters to You. We Care!

Many people do not understand the complexities of a divorce until they go through one. Everyone, however, is concerned about his or her future, happiness, and well-being, and even more so that of the children. Our law firm can represent you, and we will work to get you the temporary financial support you may need and deserve, until such time as your divorce is finalized and/or the proper proceedings are underway. Spousal Support or APL (Alimony Pendente Lite) may be appropriate to equalize the partiesí ability to afford effective representation and otherwise to “level the field of play,” so to speak. It would be unfair for a spouse who may have advanced in his or career and attained a high income to use that advantage to retain the best of legal teams and live comfortably, while the other spouse, who may have raised the children and/or made other significant contributions to the marriage and the family is left without resource to live comfortably and also hire effective legal representation. Our legal team will work to get you the equality and security you should have.

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