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Especially during such a sensitive time in your life as the divorce process will be, the Law Office of Gregory P. LaMonaca, P.C. can help you determine the best solution for the division and distribution of marital property, including real estate and financial assets. Equitable distribution, as the process is known, is based on principles of fairness, and whether by mutual agreement or by contested court order, you need to be certain you have been treated fairly, and that you have been awarded a fair and equitable share of what were the joint marital assets. You worked hard to accumulate your marital assets; we work hard, fighting for your proper share of these assets.

In an amicable divorce, our lawyers can handle negotiations between yourself and your estranged spouse to be sure both parties find the conclusion to be satisfactory. Some marriages end with greater animosity, however, and in such a case, you may find it imperative that we step in with the professional assistance needed to achieve that fair result. Among the considerations to be addressed through your divorce and the equitable distribution process is the matter of what items or assets you or your spouse may have acquired before the marriage, in other words, the assets either of you may have ìbrought intoî the marriage. It will be incumbent upon you or your spouse to identify any such items, but it will be the role of your legal team to negotiate and resolve any disputes or questions about distribution.

When one spouse owns and runs a business, and particularly if the other spouse is not employed or involved in the business, it is critically important for both to obtain and establish a full and complete valuation of the business, and to accurately determine the income the owner spouse derives from the business. The value of the business and the income of the owner are essential to a fair and accurate determination of each spouseís interest in the business, as well as for the proper calculation of any support obligation to be set.

Trust us to ensure you receive fairness in the division of your marital assets. Equitable distribution is not something to be taken lightly! Call us for your most important divorce matters today.

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