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You have property? Let us handle your divorce agreements.

The laws concerning divorce and property settlement vary from state to state, but if you are getting a divorce in Pennsylvania, then you ought to have The Law Offices of Gregory P. LaMonaca, P.C. standing by your side to ensure both sides are treated fairly and a just result is achieved. Property division can create as much angst for the two sides as a custody battle. Each of these critically important and highly sensitive parts of your divorce case requires the knowledge and experience that our lawyers will bring to bear on your behalf; we can help relieve the angst and manage the legal affairs.

The distribution of your property entails more than just figuring out what will happen with the house. Marital property may encompass wages, financial assets, pensions, retirement accounts, personal property and belongings such as automobiles, furniture, jewelry, collectibles, art works, patents and other intellectual property, in short, anything of value, along with the house, and of course, any other real estate.

You may have heard the expression that someone was “taken to the cleaners” by a spouse in his or her divorce case, and if so, you heard about a case in which the Law Offices of Gregory P. LaMonaca, P.C., were not involved on either side. We will always work to be sure you are treated fairly in the equitable distribution process; we are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals and obtain a fair result. We will also work very hard to see to it that a just and final result is achieved, so that all concerned are satisfied, justice is served, and the decree is final so that issues is not subject to appeal. We will continue negotiating and trying to define mutually agreement settlement terms until it is clear that the case must be litigated before the court, at which point we will fight for the same thing, to achieve our client’s goals, and to obtain a fair distribution of the marital estate.

Get a fair and just divorce with loyal and professional expertise. Let us know what we can do today to make your divorce final.

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