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Do you have a restraining order that has been violated? Whether it is your ex-spouse, a stalker or someone else you feel threatened by, domestic violence is an extremely dangerous situation that must be rectified immediately and swiftly. Our PFA family lawyers in Media, Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County, and other counties throughout the State of Pennsylvania PA and the surrounding area take domestic violence very seriously and want to help you in every way we can. If you feel that you are in danger, call us. We will make sure to act on your behalf immediately and swiftly.

Particularly in divorce cases, the likelihood of domestic violence becomes even more of a concern. In some cases, spousal abuse and domestic violence is the reason for getting a divorce, and therefore the victim may be in fear of his or her estranged partner, and in need of legal protection. The Law Office of Gregory P. LaMonaca, P.C. will work to get that protection for you, so that you can sleep with a sense of peace.

On the other side of the coin is the individual who has been wrongly accused of abuse. There are many reasons why one individual will falsely accuse the other individual of abuse. It may come from spite, revenge, anger, jealousy, or it may simply be to try to gain a strategic advantage in a Custody or Divorce case. We have represented countless individuals in this scenario, and have successfully exposed the other side’s falsity and inappropriate motives. In some cases it has resulted in our obtaining sole legal and physical custody for our client who was wronged.

We do not simply have our clients agree to a Protection from Abuse Order. If they did, in fact, abuse their spouse, we work with that individual to ensure he or she immediately gets help to address the underlying problem, whether that help be in the form of anger management therapy, drug or alcohol rehabilitation, or some other. In these scenarios, we work with the individual to address the problem head on so that they can be a productive citizen, parent and more. Contrarily, if the individual did not, in fact, do what they were accused of, we fight hard and litigate the issue to expose these misrepresentations.

Whether you have been accused of domestic violence, or you are the one who needs protection from it, we recommend seeking a quality attorney from our practice who can apply the many years of knowledge we have accumulated to defend your case.

Get protection from abuse within Media, Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County, and other Counties throughout the State of Pennsylvania with our experienced domestic relations attorneys.

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