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Gay and Lesbian Family Attorneys in Media, Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County, and other counties throughout the State of Pennsylvania

Today’s “Modern Family” has evolved from the previous “Nuclear Family” model. We are sensitive to the needs for all marriages and can represent you on your quest for a family lawyer who will stand by your side. No matter what issues you may have – whether marrying or divorcing – or just cohabiting, we will offer discretion, understanding, and professionalism for your case.

Domestic partnership laws vary from state to state. We are knowledgeable in all laws regarding gay and lesbian partnerships within the state of Pennsylvania. We can also help in matters of adoptions, surrogate parents, interstate separations, acquiring property or assets with your partner, and other family law matters for gay and lesbian unions.

Other matters we can help you address include sexual orientation discrimination and other gay and lesbian issues. If you feel you have been wrongly treated because of your sexual preference or any other type of discrimination, give our law Officess a call today. We will be on your side to help in every way possible.

Get great attorneys for your gay and lesbian family legalities in PA. Give us a call or contact us to talk about your needs.

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