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Not Every Family Is A “Nuclear Family” And We Are Here To Help!

We understand that not every family today operates in a traditional sense. Different cultures, backgrounds, and issues can lead to family conflicts or even celebrations. We understand the unique needs of non-traditional families and can help with gay and lesbian couples, unmarried domestic partnerships, child custody and more. Click here to discuss your case with a non-traditional family law attorney.

In general, non-traditional families may include couples who are not married, i.e., “common law” marriages, as well as same-sex couples/marriage, multiple partners, and domestic partnerships. When children are involved; the need for having professional guidance to help with your legal matters is imperative. From adoptions, custody issues, surrogate parenting or when couples share assets and property, or anything else that would “bind” you to another person you should seek the advice of an experienced family law attorney.

We serve non-traditional couples such as:

Whether you were married and want to divorce or just need paperwork completed to make things “official,” or if you need help with any dispute over a breakup in your partnership, we can help. We will help you with the best legal representation we can throughout Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County, and other Counties throughout the State of Pennsylvania.

Have a non-traditional family who needs a non-traditional law firm to help you? It sounds like we are a good match.

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