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Contract Law for Individuals and Businesses in Pennsylvania

Contract Law covers a wide spectrum of services for individuals, businesses, and other entities who wish to enter into contractual agreements with one another. The Law Office of Gregory P. LaMonaca, P.C. provides many years of contractual law knowledge and experience. Contracts can be very complicated, and all of the details must be handled carefully to prevent issues from arising. By having a contract in place, everyone understands his or her role, responsibility, duty or obligation to commit to what the agreement is designed to accomplish. Even if you wish to draw up a draft of a contract beforehand, it is best to have an impartial third set of eyes to look at it, and to check it with a fine-tooth comb, to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Some types of contracts are very complex. Partnerships, corporations and other business organizations that are going into a legally enforceable and binding contractual agreement must be counseled and advised professionally and knowledgeably when presented with a proposed contract. The parameters and purposes of the agreement must be clearly defined. We can provide you with effective legal “eyes” to look at a contract before you sign it, or we can draw one up for you to give someone else, whether it is for business or personal use.

Do not enter into a contractual agreement without legal assistance. Contact us or call for professionally-done contracts.

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