What is “Brutally Honest” and how has it transformed lives?

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What is “Brutally Honest” and how has it transformed lives?

 “Brutally Honest” is a three-phase, comprehensive process I created to apply to all of our cases. It is designed to assess the past, determine the client’s current objectives, and to develop a proactive plan to guide clients toward their goals and beyond. From the initial meeting, through the overall resolution of the case, we work vigorously to assist our clients in developing their goals, to ensure their rights are protected, and to make their voices heard.

With former custody client and friend, James Grim, I wrote the Brutally Honest Life Management Journal (©2009) which is a book engaging readers in a self-guided journey to reconnect with what matters most in their lives. This was followed by the Brutally Honest Guide to Sur-thriving Generation Now (©2019) and the Brutally Honest Pennsylvania Divorce & Custody Survival Guide, written to help readers involved in a divorce or custody dispute to visualize the path to a brighter future. An updated version of the book, re-titled as the Brutally Honest Pennsylvania Divorce, Custody & Financial Survival Guide (©2019), is available for free download at www.LaMonacaLaw.com.

“Brutally Honest” was designed to present clients with a radically different approach to navigating the world of family law. This world, so riddled with tension, anxiety, fear, and concern, needs to be approached differently than other areas of the law. The “Brutally Honest” system is my approach to doing just that.

To learn more about our “Brutally Honest” System, contact our office to speak to our team at (610) 892-3877 or go to our website at www.lamonacalaw.com.

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