WEIRD DIVORCE LAWS Let's be honest: divorcing your spouse can be a strange, bewildering experience, but who would have thought it would lead to so many odd laws The cities, states and countries below are home to divorce laws that are so unusual, they'll have you scratching your head In cases

Even If Your Divorce Is Amicable, Consult with Us

EVEN IF YOUR DIVORCE IS AMICABLE, CONSULT WITH US It may seem like an uncontested divorce is easy enough to handle on your own, but doing so is not advisable There are legalities that must be properly handled, especially if you and your spouse own any property, assets, or share financial accounts

How To Handle Property In A Divorce?

How To Handle Property In A Divorce During the divorce process, LaMonaca Law can help determine the best solution for the division and distribution of marital property, including real estate and other assets Equitable distribution is the process of dividing marital assets and debts and is based on

Staying Together for the Kids

Staying Together for the Kids Many unhappily married parents choose to stay married rather than separating and divorcing in the interest of “staying together for the kids” They believe that it is best for their children to be raised in an intact family rather than to be the child of divorce


BECAUSE YOUR CHILDREN MEAN EVERYTHING TO YOU! We know your children mean everything to you, so LaMonaca Law wants to make your custody conflicts and arrangements as fair and painless as possible in order to ease the burden on your children and your family When you need a top custody lawyer in

What Happens if One Party Dies During Divorce Proceedings?

What Happens if One Party Dies During Divorce Proceedings In Pennsylvania, if one party dies while a divorce is pending, the surviving spouse’s ability to proceed in obtaining a divorce decree or continuing forward with economic claims depends on whether grounds for divorce were established