Make Sure Everyone Is On The Same Page

Make sure everyone is on the same page We often handle cases between landlords and tenants in which a tenant needs assistance and the landlord has failed to provide or fix negligent aspects of the building. However, we also help landlords who may have a non-paying tenant and who need to serve eviction papers and get an unsatisfactory tenant out of their building. Either way, when a real estate lawyer in Pennsylvania is needed, LaMonaca Law offers the depth of many years experience in matters concerning tenant and landlord agreements. Whether you are a landlord or the tenant in Pennsylvania, you have rights. Although laws vary from state to state, when it comes to renting a residence in Pennsylvania, it is smart to have an attorney who is familiar with Pennsylvania real estate laws and who will look out for your best interests.

We work with both residential and commercial landlord/tenant agreements and can help you prepare paperwork that makes sense and that protects you. Disputes between landlords and tenants are common. Tenants sometimes destroy a landlord’s property or do things that were not part of the original rental agreement. Likewise, sometimes landlords do things that do not serve the tenant well, such as not providing a safe environment for tenants to live in.


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