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Representing Juvenile Delinquency cases in PA and Dependency matters

The Law Office of Gregory P. LaMonaca, P.C., handles juvenile delinquency defense cases of all kinds, including dependency cases. “Dependent children” is a term referring to those young people who, while under the age of 18, require assistance or protection from the court system, through no overt fault of the guardian or parent (a juvenile who is without parent, legal custodian, or guardian) and who needs attention. Some of these juveniles also may be in need of special services, such as education, medical or social services. In some cases, a parent may even seek to be legally and justly relieved of his or her duty of guardianship of a child. Sadly, the number of juvenile cases has increased in numbers over the years, and that is in part because of the increase in juvenile delinquent acts committed throughout Pennsylvania and across the United States. We are experienced and professional in all juvenile delinquency ad dependency court matters, and we will take action, assigning the best attorney to match every case.

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