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We represent children of all ages in Pennsylvania

We take juvenile delinquency cases very seriously. The Law Office of Gregory P. LaMonaca has experienced and knowledgeable attorneys who have successfully handled thousands of juvenile cases. From theft to assault or drug possession and sales, DUI, molestation, rape, even attempted murder or worse. Petty to major, we have seen many juveniles who have been charged with delinquent activity and who need dedicated legal representation. Our lawyers will help defend juvenile cases throughout Media Pennsylvania and beyond, with a caring and trusting attitude, and a willingness to go the extra mile.

Some of the juvenile cases we cover involve:

  • •Dependent Children
  • •Juvenile Delinquent
  • •Correction and Rehabilitation

If your child has committed a delinquent act, do not go up against the legal system alone, or without competent and resilient counsel knowledgeable in the law. Our lawyers will do everything we can to ensure swift resolution and a favorable outcome for your son or daughter, no matter what age. Many firms are not experienced in this specialized field of law, and their lawyers may lack the knowledge to effectively represent your child(ren). When it is your child’s future at stake, do not make the mistake of hiring someone who is unqualified or worse, of letting your child face the legal system without a juvenile lawyer at all.

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