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Child Custody Lawyers in Pennsylvania

The attorneys at The Law Office of Gregory P. LaMonaca handle ALL child custody and family law matters, from petitioning for full, partial, or shared custody, to litigating relocation issues when one parent moves out of state. We have broad knowledge and long experience, and we will give you the very best legal assistance in Media, PA and beyond.

Other child custody cases we handle may involve adoption, surrogate parents, grandparents (or other relatives), foster parents, and many will invoke the distinct but related matter of a dispute over payment of child support. We practice in all fields of law involving juveniles, from babies seeking establishment of a guardian to teen-agers seeking emancipation, and more. Children grow up quickly; custody cases cannot be delayed and issues cannot be left unattended. Your children need you and your protection and nurturing now. We understand that, and we will make every effort on the planet to ensure a fair and prompt resolution to your case.

We can also act to right any wrong done to your children, whether on account of disability, delinquency, or otherwise. If it has to do with children and the law in PA, we are the right firm, and we will provide you an experienced and knowledgeable family law attorney who will get the job done right.

It is not only your life, it is the life of your child that is at stake when you choose a child custody lawyer to represent you. Your children rely on your sound decision making, and that begins with the decision to retain the Law Office of Gregory P. LaMonaca, P.C. Let us give you the best advice and help you to define the proper steps to follow, to make your custody issues become non- issues. We will negotiate and mediate with the other side and with the court on your behalf, while maintaining near-constant communication with you. We work to make things flow smoothly for you through this challenging time; that is what we do and why we are here.

Contact our experienced child custody counsel today. Our services are affordable and compassionate to handle your child custody dispute.

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