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When moving affects child custody arrangements

“Moving on” from a relationship sometimes means moving on geographically to a new life. Sometimes parents accept a job offer elsewhere, or meet someone else and get remarried, or move closer to their families after a breakup ,or under some other circumstances. This can require the need for a family law attorney who is experienced in child custody relocations. The attorneys at the Law Office of Gregory P. LaMonaca, P.C. know how to handle relocation and can make the transition smooth for both parties and more importantly for the children involved.

With the changes in the Custody Statute in January of 2011, the laws pertaining to relocation radically changed and now require very strict compliance. Failure to adhere to these strict requirements may result in one parent’s rights to his or her children being taken away, suspended, modified etc.

We can also help in the case where a parent moves or relocates to another state and then fails to pay child support or meet financial obligations. While visitation issues may need to be readdressed, having an attorney will make the move better for everyone and we can do this through mediation or a collaborative family law model.

Do not let your children move away without fighting for your rights and do not go without necessities because of an ex-partner or spouse who has moved away and is no longer paying child support.

We can help with child custody relocation conflicts. Contact us to get a Family Law attorney in Media, Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County, and other Counties throughout the State of Pennsylvania.

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