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Divorce can get ugly. Do not let it go that far. Call us today.

Just as soon as you and your spouse decide to divorce is the best time to seek professional legal counsel. At the Law Office of Gregory P. LaMonaca, P.C., we are ready to step in and assist you, and to take the proper actions on your behalf. Knowing your rights early in the process is critically important. Your spouse may have already obtained legal counsel and may be using it to your disadvantage. You may also want to avoid incessant and unproductive arguments with your estranged husband or wife by getting our firm to handle the matter for you.

Divorce mediation is a confidential and sensitive matter, all the more so when the situation involves children, custody issues, and perhaps imminent decisions about property and the distribution of assets. We have many years of experience in divorce mediation and we have a record of successful negotiations. We will not rest until a mutually agreeable solution has been found, and that is among the reasons we have been called the best divorce lawyers in Media, PA.

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