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Fighting for the rights of those who are unable to fight for themselves

At The Law Office of Gregory P. LaMonaca, P.C., we have been representing families and individuals in the Pennsylvania Orphans’ Court for many years. In particular, we have handled cases of estates, trust and fiduciary matters, will contests, elder abuse, Guardianship, appointments of guardians ad litem, and many other matters involving children and senior citizens. When an older person becomes unable to make his or her own decisions, or even when a younger person becomes incapacitated or is in need of separate representation, we can represent the family with quality legal counsel.

Under the 2011 Custody statute, there are many new options to ensure children are protected and have a voice in court. For example, counsel can be appointed by the court to represent the child. These matters must be handled by attorneys who are intimately familiar with the overlap of the Domestic Relations code and Orphans’ Court laws. We have handled many of these cases and can advise our clients as to which path may best protect their rights or the rights of a child, parent, or other loved one.

Family law extends beyond marriage, divorce, children and partnerships. Sometimes, with money involved in elder estates, trust funds, and other situations, there is turbulence and greed. We are here to help you should you experience such an unfortunate circumstance. We believe that the elderly and their families deserve help against these unkind acts.

When undue influence, coercion, and greed affect senior citizens, or when a child’s rights are affected, we want to help. Call or contact us to discuss the nature of your case.

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