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Embracing diversity with international law services

It is not uncommon for families to have diversified backgrounds. If you fell in love and decided to marry someone from another country, then you might seek the advice of a international family lawyer that could help your spouse with the process of becoming a legal citizen. Maybe you and your spouse have decided to buy property or assets outside of the United States, and then you should seek out an international lawyer for help with the paperwork and legal affairs required to own property internationally.

There are various other reasons to have an international family law attorney. They might include getting arrested in another country, getting a divorce abroad, and handling child custody issues when the child must go with a parent who lives outside of the United States. No matter what the foreign laws require, The Law Office of Gregory P. LaMonaca, P.C. will help you with filing the proper paperwork, attending to any court issues, settling a divorce, or helping you with any out-of-the country endeavors that pertain to your family.

In other cases, one spouse could abduct the child(ren) to another country while refusing to return the child(ren). This scenario is probably the most anxious type case and can be most complicated. Our team of attorneys has handled many of these matters with many foreign countries. We have successfully reunited our clients with their children back in the United States.

Our family law attorneys are committed to helping you get the legal assistance you need in a professional, cost effective, and timely manner. Even if we do not have all the answers to your individual international law questions, we can find them. We can help you solve any legal matter near Media, PA, Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County, and other counties throughout the State of Pennsylvania. Additionally, our firm can even help assist you beyond state lines or even beyond the boundaries of the country. We stay up-to-date on all international laws and we will make sure your case is handled proficiently.

For prompt attention to your international law matters or international family law cases contact our experienced attorneys for help.

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