Marital Agreements -

Congratulations On Making The Next Step In Your Life

Best wishes on your decision to marry. Protect yourself legally with a marital agreement, prenuptial agreement, or even a postnuptial agreement. Click here to discover the types of marital agreements in Pennsylvania you may require and that our law firm can fulfill.

Another possibility is a postnuptial agreement. They are entered into for a variety of reasons. Marital agreements cover many different issues that can occur during the time of a marriage. We can assist you in any type of family law marital agreement and we recognize the need for discretion, compassion, and in keeping your best interests at heart.

Some of the marital contracts we can assist you with include (but are not limited to):

  • • Marital contracts
  • • Cohabitation agreements
  • • Prenuptial agreements
  • • Postnuptial agreements
  • • Common law marriages
  • • Divorce and legal separations
  • • Child custody matters

Our Attorneys can help you with all types of marital contracts from pre-marriage to post-marriage.

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