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Pennsylvania Prenuptial Agreements

It is a smart idea to get a prenuptial agreement if you are entering into a marriage. Even if you know you have met “the one,” it is a good idea to protect both of your assets and fully ensure that you are protected in case something unfortunate occurs. In Pennsylvania, the statutes emphasize full disclosure of financial information by both individuals entering into a marriage.

The Law Office of Gregory P. LaMonaca, P.C. can also help draft marital agreements for common law marriages, same-sex marriages, or even marital agreements in which assets from a previous relationship are to be protected. Our goal is to provide peace of mind even before a couple agrees to tie the knot.

Our entire team is dedicated to our clients, and we want to make sure the start to your marriage is a wonderful experience. We prepare affordable prenuptial agreements in Pennsylvania, whether in Media or statewide.

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