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Don’t let your business go awry without a fight

As a contractor, subcontractor or supplier of someone in the building, improvement or construction industry, you may experience payment disputes, which may leave you in a bind. Having already spent resources on supplies, equipment and materials, as well as labor costs, and then not getting paid for the job, is a serious hardship to any contractor/builder.

In Pennsylvania, The Law Office of Gregory P. LaMonaca, P.C., can help you by filing for a mechanics lien against the real estate or property, meaning the owner may be unable to sell, refinance, or make any changes to the property, without first paying off the debt underlying the mechanics lien. This can sometimes prompt the owner to pay off the debt owed to the contractor. The technicalities are quite complex, highlighting the need for an experienced attorney to handle such a case, which may even result in the property owner having to pay double for the same work.

Conversely, if you have a contractors or mechanics lien filed against you, hiring a lawyer experienced in mechanics liens can prevent your losing your home. These liens are serious, and they may make it impossible for you to sell or refinance the property; they may even lead to a foreclosure suit in order to satisfy the lien. We can help you determine if the mechanics lien is valid and enforceable. For example, if you did not make a payment to the contractor because of poor quality work or other good cause, these things are facts that a judge needs to know.


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