Protection From Abuse Unit

Domestic abuse is pervasive and often goes unreported. Victims fear coming forward for many reasons often due in part by threats that are made against them from the abusive party. You will never see the Children? You are not good enough? You will be destitute and broke? No one will believe you and many other threats that often paralyze them from moving forward. Our experienced, empathetic, compassionate team members have combined centuries of experience advocating for our clients with literally thousands of appearances fighting for clients rights and protecting their children. Likewise, there are times when a frivolous, made up and defamatory petition is filed against an innocent spouse. In those cases we fight hard to defend the matter and expose the party facilitating the lies. We often ask that sanctions be granted where appropriate. A protection from abuse order requires that the parties share certain relationships. Although lesser known, the law also provides for protection in other circumstances including protection Orders for the Victims of Sexual Violence and Protection from intimidation Orders.

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