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LaMonaca Law Firm was a lifesaver throughout my divorce. Greg LaMonaca???s Brutally Honest Family Law Coaching helped me tremendously. It took me from feeling helpless and hopeless to the point that I realized I could and would make it through. When you are going through a divorce, you do not think clearly. This program helped me confront my fears, understand my past and realize that a future was possible for me. The Strategic Planning helped me to understand the legal side of the divorce. Never going through a divorce before, I had no idea what was in store. The team at LaMonaca Law was able to calm my fears and speak to me in a way that made sense at my level ??? leaving out all the confusing legal terms. I was treated like a team member and not another case. When I had my freak out moments and called or sent e-mails, my fears were calmed within minutes or hours. I even received calls/e-mails on the weekends. The firm is amazing, I???m not sure how they do it, but the empathy and care they provide when your life is being turned upside down is paramount. I would recommend this firm and the Brutally Honest Family Law Coaching and Strategic Planning to anyone going through a divorce. It truly helped me feel in total control of my situation.


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