As of May 1, 2017, the new statewide Child Support Guidelines will go into effect.  As many parents in Pennsylvania already know, these guidelines, along with the combined net income of the parties, are used to calculate a parent’s monthly child support obligation.

The 2017 child support increases do not apply evenly to all income levels, but for most income levels the changes are pretty modest.  For example, the increase in the total basic support obligation for one child would be around $23 for two parents each earning $4,000 per month after taxes.  Another change includes the increase to the self-support reserve, which is intended to make certain that low income individuals who are paying child support have enough money remaining to meet their basic needs.  The self-support reserve has increased from $931 to $981 per month.

Despite these changes, Pennsylvania Courts do not automatically grant child support increases when the guidelines are updated.  A parent must file a child support modification request and obtain a new child support order.  If you or someone you know is paying or receiving child support in Pennsylvania, contact LaMonaca Law at (610) 892-3877 for additional information concerning the new guidelines and to determine how they affect your child support order.

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