Personal Injury Settlements in Divorce

Personal Injury Settlements in Divorce If you are injured, and if you receive a settlement or award as a result, those funds may be considered to be marital property when the marital assets and debts are divided Whether the funds marital property will depend on the date of the injury If a party

When Things Do Not Work Out, Get Separated Legally

When Things Do Not Work Out, Get Separated Legally Maybe you and your spouse have decided to “take a break” from your marriage, but are not ready yet to call it quits Doing so without a separation agreement can backfire if you have marital assets The legal separation is needed to make things

Factors Considered in Determining Alimony

Factors Considered in Determining Alimony In Pennsylvania, there are 17 factors enumerated in the divorce code which the court considers in determining whether to award alimony, for how long, and in what amount The court has discretion with regard to how much alimony to award and the length of

How did my Life get to this?

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How did my Life get to this Tick She is laying in bed staring at the ceiling watching the fan Tock She turns to look at the time seeing it is 3 am Tick It is Saturday night and her mind is racing not allowing her to sleep Tock “How did my life get to this” she thinks She leans over and grabs


FAMILY LAW APPEAL OUR APPELLATE UNIT HAS YOU COVERED At LaMonaca Law, our specialty teams consist of several members who add individualized and dynamic energy, passion, and experience to create a collectively greater result One of our specialty teams is our Appellate Unit Melissa Towsey Rich is


WEIRD DIVORCE LAWS Let's be honest: divorcing your spouse can be a strange, bewildering experience, but who would have thought it would lead to so many odd laws The cities, states and countries below are home to divorce laws that are so unusual, they'll have you scratching your head In cases