Custody Evaluator has Standing to Sue for Fees

Custody Evaluator has Standing to Sue for Fees On May 4, 2018, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania issued an opinion in SG v JMG Appeal of: Dr KL, Custody Evaluator The case, taking place in Luzerne County, was a custody dispute between the parents of three minor children In the course of the case,

The Questions You (Should) Ask

The Questions You (Should) Ask Because there are so many questions you will have for your divorce attorney through the representation, there are some you should ask to him or her, and others you really need to ask yourself, before you begin the relationship and sign-on with any attorney to

Declaratory Judgments in Family Law

Declaratory Judgments in Family Law There are many ways to bring an issue before the court in a family law matter  When seeking to have a contract validated or to determine a legal right, then filing a motion for a declaratory judgment is one of those options  The Declaratory Judgment Act states

Monkey Business and Copyright Law

Monkey Business and Copyright Law Naruto, a monkey living in Indonesia, took a selfie in 2011 with a human nature photographer’s camera which had been left unattended Photographer David J Slater configured the camera to the appropriate settings, and backed away to allow the monkeys, who had


WHAT IS ALIMONY Alimony is an aspect of divorce that is often misunderstood People have many misconceptions about alimony and often get it confused with Spousal Support and Alimony Pendente Lite or APL  Spousal support and APL are both orders made before a divorce is final Spousal support is