Why you need a Lawyer for your Child Support Case

Why you need a Lawyer for your Child Support Case (Income) If you think the child support process is simple, you are mistaken!  The child support laws are ever changing  Without a lawyer who is experienced in handling child support cases, you may be at risk of getting an unfair child support

Should I Opt for Mediation?

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Should I Opt for Mediation While mediation works in certain divorces, it is has its limitations A common question that we get asked at LaMonaca Law is: “Should I go for mediation instead of getting my own attorney” While many people have positive experiences with divorce mediation, it is

The Power of Pre-Nups

The Power of Pre-Nups If you’ve read the news lately, you probably know that, sadly, Robert DeNiro is getting a divorce The one silver lining is that Mr DeNiro had an ironclad prenuptial agreement that has been upheld and protects a substantial portion of his estimated $500 million wealth While

I’m Thinking About Divorce; Now What?

I’m Thinking About Divorce; Now What Ending a marriage is a difficult decision to make  It comes with a lot of uncertainty and questions  This is where an experienced family law attorney can help! What are your goals Many family law attorneys hear that someone is thinking about divorce,

What is Kayden’s Law?

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What is Kayden’s Law Kayden’s Law (SB 78) was introduced following the unfortunate murder of seven-year old Kayden Mancuso at the hands of her father The bill passed the State Senate on June 24, 2021 and was sent to the House Kayden’s law defines abuse much more broadly It also changes