Not Alone

Not Alone She woke up tired having not slept well the night before Again She got up, woke the children, made breakfast, packed lunches, and got the children on the bus for school She went upstairs to get ready for work He was still sleeping She went downstairs and poured her coffee He’s up now,

What’s the Score? and How Much Time is Left?

What’s the Score and How Much Time is Left Would that We Knew, or that We Could Answer Those Questions Please note that nothing here is to make light of the coronavirus pandemic, or to suggest that it is anything like a game, a sport, a contest, or anything other than the extraordinarily

Child Custody Agreements

Child Custody Agreements Why you should have a professional draft yours Custody agreements:  what are they, why do I need one and how do I go about getting one  These are questions that every separated parent has asked themselves  It is the internal battle we all face when it comes to

Life Lessons for Lawyers Who Listen

Life Lessons for Lawyers Who Listen As recent events have made clear, it has become increasingly difficult, and at the same time increasingly important, that we listen to each other For those in positions from which they may affect people's lives and families, the responsibility to work through

The Many Meanings of Shared Custody in Pennsylvania

The Many Meanings of “Shared Custody” in Pennsylvania The term “shared custody” gets thrown around a lot in Pennsylvania custody cases  Sometimes it’s used interchangeably with “50/50” custody  Where appropriate, shared physical custody is a great way of ensuring that each parent

How to get a Protection from Abuse Order

How to get a Protection from Abuse Order In Pennsylvania, a restraining order is called a "protection from abuse" (PFA) order PFA is a civil order that offers a person protection from abuse (as defined under the Protection From Abuse Act, 23 PaCSA § 6101 et seq) by family or household members,

Are You Ready To Fight For Child Custody?

Are You Ready To Fight For Child Custody The decision to pursue custody litigation should not be taken lightly by either parent  There is no “winning” a custody case – the ultimate goal is to achieve a result that is best for your child  Often the most effective way to achieve this goal is