The Business of Divorce

The Business of Divorce Jane considered herself a single mom  Her husband, Bill, was a physician working late each night, overnights and most weekends  He ran a successful practice and was rewarded for his hard work with a six figure salary  Jane was employed as a nurse when she met her

How Can the LaMonaca Law Team Approach Help You?

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How Can the LaMonaca Law Team Approach Help You How can our LaMonaca Law team approach help you At LaMonaca Law, we utilize a team consisting of a tailored group of attorneys, paralegals and support staff  As soon as your case enters the firm, it will be analyzed, discussed, and assigned to those

How long will it take to get custody of my child?

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How long will it take to get custody of my child While the process to obtain custody varies slightly from county to county, all child custody decisions must consider the best interest of the child as well as sixteen custody factors  23 Pa CS 5328(a)  You may be wondering how long it will take to

Withholding Custody During COVID

Withholding Custody During COVID There are continuing concerns about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and how best to protect yourself and your family  In families where the parents are no longer together, differing opinions on subjects such as school, playtime and visiting with friends or

COVID-19 School Choices

COVID-19 School Choices In custody matters, decisions regarding where a child will go to school are legal custody issues Where parties share legal custody, they must discuss and agree any time a change is to be made with regard to their child’s education Now, schools are releasing plans to

Divorce; Something you didn’t plan

Divorce; Something you didn't plan No one gets married with the expectation of getting divorced some day in the future You make a commitment to share life with someone and start a family and dream about the life you’ll lead together as you grow old alongside one another When you promise to love

When your dream turns into a nightmare

When your dream turns into a nightmare Have you ever found yourself living in a situation that seemed unreal and you just could not understand how your life got to this point    We all have an idea of what our lives will become  We all have dreams, goals, and a picture of what our lives will

Why you need a Lawyer in Support Court

Why you need a Lawyer in Support Court Over my 25 years as a practicing Family Law Attorney I have been asked many times if I have had any interesting cases  Up front I tell everyone that because of lawyer/client privilege, I will not talk about individual cases The same goes for this blog

Marital Misconduct and Equitable Distribution

Marital Misconduct and Equitable Distribution Many divorce cases include the allocation of marital debts and assets between former spouses  In Pennsylvania, this process is called Equitable Distribution  Pennsylvania courts apply several different statute-based factors in deciding how best to

LaMonaca Law: A light in the dark

LaMonaca Law: A light in the dark It is half past midnight and Janice is having yet another sleepless night Her thoughts and worries about her pending custody trial loom over her, weighing heavily on her mind and heart She lost faith in her attorney at her last court proceeding Not only did she