When You Just Want to Agree and Move Forward

You may have heard of mediation: it is when both parties volunteer to “meet in the middle” and discuss unresolved issues from their marriage, child custody disputes, child support, and, matters of divorce. Alimony, annulments, and all types of family legal issues may be settled through mediation.

When you choose The Law Office of Gregory P. LaMonaca, P.C., for your representation, you can be sure that you will have trustworthy legal counsel. We will guide you through your voluntary mediation and negotiate the benefits and terms of your separation. The Mediation process will be handled confidentially and hopefully all negotiations will lead to a favorable outcome for both parties. This will avoid the cost of having to go through the courts. Court cases can be drawn out and financially devastating for some families. We help you try to avoid such conflicts by going through a fair mediation where everyone can sit down and hopefully reach an agreement civilly and privately. Some counties require mandatory mediation while other counties make it voluntary. We will advise and direct you in the right direction to match your needs and wants.

While it is our goal as your legal counsel to help you resolve matters without the need for litigation, in the event mediation is viable, we have relationships with many different mediators who can be enlisted to work with both sides in an effort to reach an out of Court resolution.

Our attorneys are also skilled at handling the paperwork for your legal issues, so rather than trying to go up against an estranged partner alone or facing the judge pro se, it is a wise decision to have one of our experienced attorneys by your side and protecting your rights. That is what we do!

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