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Divorce is a big life change, we help you navigate those changes.

If you have become accustomed to a certain lifestyle, and depend on your spouse for support, it may feel like a hardship when that separation occurs. However, when the divorce finally occurs, the other spouse may be ordered to pay alimony, depending on the circumstances of your newly ended marriage.

LaMonaca Law has extensive experience in dealing with family law issues. We can handle your alimony case – whether you have a claim for alimony or defending an alimony proceeding. Laws vary among the states, but when it comes to alimony claims in Pennsylvania , we know the legal avenues to take, and can help you through the process to resolve your dispute.

Most states decide alimony by:

  • The Length of the Marriage
  • Living standards during the tenure of marriage
  • Obtaining the income and financial records of each spouse at the time of divorce
  • Physical condition and ages of individuals
  • The need for financial support by one spouse who has been dependent on the other spouse
  • And many other statutorily defined factors

However, there is no “magic” formula to determine how much alimony is awarded. In general, the alimony awarded is usually sufficient for food, shelter, clothing, living expenses and, even may include transportation costs. Alimony is not a guarantee in Pennsylvania, it is a considered a “secondary” remedy that is used to supplement the distribution of assets through equitable distribution, if that process comes up short of doing “economic justice” between the parties. Ultimately, it is up to a judge to decide whether to award alimony, however, our attorneys will stand by your side to ensure the best legal counsel for your alimony claim or defense.

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