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About The Firm:

Founded in 1994 by Gregory P. LaMonaca, our firm is dedicated to serving the needs of our clients throughout Media, Pennsylvania and beyond, with a team-oriented approach. To learn more about our company and its philosophy, go to the about the firm page.

Why Choose Us:

We go above and beyond, to ensure the success and wellbeing of our clients. Our company is results-oriented with a reputation of excellence. Our attorneys have the experience, dedication and integrity to handle all of your family legal needs. Learn what sets us apart. Click here.


Do you have questions about any of our services? Click here to read our frequently asked questions and get quick answers to your burning legal questions.

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Have a legal problem, family issue or civil or domestic case against you? Our capable attorneys will consult with you to match you with the most knowledgeable lawyer for your particular case. Schedule a consultation and tell us what you need. We’ll be happy to assist you.

Legal Services:

Take a look at all of the legal services offered by LaMonaca Law From all types of family law, divorce, custody issues and domestic matters; to personal injury, criminal defense, landlord/tenant relations, debt collections and workman’s comp or more, you can be sure to receive top notch legal services in Pennsylvania. Click here to see the services we provide.

Family Law:

If you are looking for family lawyers in Pennsylvania, our family law attorneys can put their expertise to work for you in all types of family matters. LaMonaca Law encompasses domestic relations, marital agreements, pre-nups, family arbitration, mediation and more to assist with your family conflicts. Click here to learn more about all of the family legal issues we serve.

Non-Traditional Family Law:

We understand that not every family today operates in a traditional sense. Different cultures, backgrounds, and issues can lead to family conflicts or even celebrations. We understand the unique needs of non-traditional families and can help with gay and lesbian couples, unmarried domestic partnerships, child custody and more. Click here to go to the non-traditional family services page.


If you need support in a child support or child custody dilemma, LaMonaca Law can assist you with things like mediation, child support cases for the non-custodial parent, alimony and more. Click here to see the support services we offer.

Marital Agreements:

Best wishes on your decision to marry. Protect yourself legally with a marital agreement, prenuptial agreement, or even a postnuptial agreement.Click here to discover the types of marital agreements in Pennsylvania you may require and that our law firm can fulfill.


Divorce in Pennsylvania requires the legal services of LaMonaca Law to ensure that your divorce paperwork is wrapped up with the least amount of difficulty and pain for all parties involved, including children. Click here for your divorce in Pennsylvania.


We know your children mean everything to you, so LaMonaca Law wants to make your custody conflicts or custody arrangements as fair and painless as possible, to ease the burden on the children and on your family. Contact us right away to learn more.

Personal Injury:

If you or a loved one has been injured in an automobile accident, medical malpractice instance, or at work, and you need justice, please let us help you with your personal injury legal case today. Our personal injury attorneys are trained and knowledgeable and will not rest until a satisfactory outcome has been made in your case. Click here.

Criminal Law:

Do you have a criminal charge against you and need a criminal defense attorney? Our attorneys will work confidentially on your entire legal crisis to ensure that a fair and just outcome is yours. Do not go alone against a prosecutor. Hire the best criminal defense in Pennsylvania. Click here.

Real Estate Law:

Whether you are buying or selling property, or you own a building and want to rent it, our real estate law attorneys can help you prepare agreements or represent you with a title company, and will even assist you with negotiations, if need be. Likewise, if you have confusing paperwork, contact our real estate law division here.

Employment Law:

Our law firm handles many types of employment law cases, from discrimination or harassment, to unjust firing, racial or ethnic disputes, unfair compensation or unpaid overtime, workman’s comp cases and also drawing up legal contracts for employers. Let us help you with any work-related legal case. Click here.

Estate Planning:

It is never too early to start planning for your will and trust, or to distribute the assets of your estate. Especially if you have heirs, or children under 18, you want to ensure that they are taken care of in case of an accidental death or debilitating illness. Contact our firm for estate planning today.

Aviation Law:

With so many regulations in place with the FAA, DOT and others, aviation law is an integral part of any airline or individual who wants to fly. Fly with LaMonaca Law for all the legalities of aviation. Click here.


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Legal Glossary:

Not familiar with a legal term or other legal jargon? Our legal glossary will help you understand specific words, key phrases and terms used within the field of law to help you remain informed.


Our experienced attorneys encourage you to contact our firm today to set up a consultation or to ask questions. We look forward to serving you any way we can.

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We respect the privacy of our clients, website visitors and readers and will never share any of your information. Read more about our privacy policieshere.

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Many of our services are done on a contingency basis. Read more about our terms of service.

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