Spending Time With Your Children is What Matters

What if you go to pick up your child and the other parent fails to relinquish the child? What if your estranged partner moves out of state without modifying the custody agreement? What are the “rules” that apply when there is no Custody agreement?

These and many other child custody and custodial vistiation questions can arise. The Law Office of Gregory P. LaMonaca, P.C., can give you confidence and support to ensure that your custody and visitation needs are handled with the highest professional standards, while acting swiftly, to ensure that you can see your children as required by the law and by your innate desire to spend time together. We have many years of handing all types of child custody matters and will make every effort to ensure fairness in your particular case.

Child custody and custodial visitation rights are handled by judges who determine the “best interest of the child” at the time of the custody proceeding, divorce, or separation. However, with those events, life adapts and changes and sometimes the custody determination made in the past needs to be readdressed in the present. Examples include: when a new marriage may spur a desire to spend more time with the non-custodial parent; when one parent needs to relocate; and even when a child wishes to live primarily with the parent who did not have primary physical custody. Under Pennsylvania’s newly revised Custody laws that were enacted in January 2011, parents’ rights and responsibilities have radically changed. A failure to adhere strictly to these laws may result in your Custody rights being lost or reduced. These and many more issues must be resolved through the court system. We work closely with our clients to educate them and to ensure both their rights and those of their children are protected.

We can help in all child custody and visitation cases. Our Legal Team can get swift resolution of your issue(s).

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