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This book gives insight into LaMonaca Law and the power to make better decisions for you and your family. It gives you the tools to prepare and guide you through the divorce process.

About LaMonaca Law


Founded in 1995 by Gregory P. LaMonaca, working then from a spare bedroom in the first home he shared with his wife Monica, and member-by-member growing a dedicated team of attorneys, paralegals and legal assistants, the firm is now one of largest dedicated family law firms on the Main Line, and beyond, utilizing a team-oriented approach.

It is our mission at LaMonaca Law to proactively assist our clients in the development, execution, and realization of their goals. From the initial meeting through the overall resolution of the case, we work vigorously and tenaciously to assist our clients in developing their goals and to ensure their rights are protected and their voices and concerns are heard. This system, created by Mr. LaMonaca, is called “Brutally Honest.”

It is a three phase comprehensive process designed to assess the past, determine the client’s current objectives, and to develop a proactive plan forward to the client’s goals and beyond.

Going Beyond Client Expectations for More Than 29 Years

Let our outstanding team of attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants handle your case!



Gary Coleman

I worked with Gerry Gebhart on my divorce. I would recommend him to anyone. Extremely knowledgeable about the divorce process and kept me informed as to what my responsibilities were and how to get through this in the most practical way. Was able to arrange all necessary meetings/court dates to the very end.

Gary Coleman 08.08.2016


I came to LaMonaca Law by referral after receiving a negative custody evaluation six weeks before a scheduled trial. In six weeks, the LaMonaca Law team mobilized for trial, and made me the firm’s priority. This time frame is almost impossible, but LaMonaca Law made it happen.
The trial result was phenomenal: a favorable custody order and a fair schedule. I cannot recommend LaMonaca Law highly enough!

David J Danelo 08.08.2016

default image

I was so impressed with LaMonaca Law, in the way they showed professionalism around my case. There is no question in my mind that every person there who worked on my case truly cared about me and my future. In a field - divorce law - that has a reputation for a distanced level of abrasiveness, LaMonaca law showed me nothing but a warm embrace based on personalized attention - I got to see a whole different side of what is usually an unpleasant process.

Jolene 08.12.2017

default image

I can’t even begin to explain how lucky and grateful I am to have Chris Casserly in my life. My son was taken from me and my world was turned completely upside down. I was in such a panic to try and figure out what to do, and out of fate was led to chris. I thank god that I was because he has been nothing short of amazing since.

Thomas DeFeo 08.12.2017

default image

I would highly recommend Chris Casserly for any family law matter! He is responsive, knowledgeable and will spend the time to understand your situation. I was personally dealing with what I thought would be a complex and contentious custody agreement involving relocation. Chris informed me of the various avenues we could take in approaching the matter, as well as realistic expectations concerning judgements and resolutions. In the end, I was extraordinarily fortunate that Chris was able to breakdown, simplify and resolve my custody matter in way that saved money, time and ultimately worked out best for my family!

Joe Bellesorte 21.09.2020

default image

Chris Casserly represented me in my divorce. His knowledge was excellent and always kept me up to date on the process and what I should expect step by step. There were no surprises and based upon my situation he was completely prepared and everything he said would happen happened as he said. He was always willing to speak with me when I had questions. I would recommend Chris and his team as they were complete professionals!

Michael Milbredt 09.10.2020

George Jones

The LaMonica Firm is an A+ organization. They are always available to give sound advice anytime you need it. They do all the little things for their clients which make a big difference. I would recommend this organization to my family, friends, and associates. If you are in need for legal advise don't look any further.

George Jones 19.10.2020

Christopher Robinson

I found myself facing an insurmountable challenge. Having the person I trusted turn my life inside out. I was referred by someone I trusted to LaMonaca in particular Gerry Gebhart. He handled my meltdown at what I was facing and stood by my side through all of it. I highly recommend him. He is the reason I have the ability to kiss my kids goodnight

Christopher Robinson 19.10.2020



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