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Do Not Make Another Move
to End Your Marriage or Proceed
with Custody Until You Read:

“The Brutally Honest Pennsylvania
Divorce & Custody Survival Guide”!


Do you know the Seven critical recommended steps you should consider before filing for divorce or proceeding with Custody in Pennsylvania?

Award winning attorney and nationally recognized author, Gregory P. LaMonaca, Esquire, has devised a one-of-a kind system that he reveals in this book to help readers get through one of the most challenging &difficult experiences of their lives… DIVORCE and CUSTODY.

We all like to think that our vows and love for a spouse will last forever, but when things go wrong, and one or both people agree to end things, whether amicably or not, divorce is rarely tidy or clean. Feelings, emotions, and pain can hinder the exercise of your common sense, or things can take a wrong turn over trivial differences. Couples who have children will also have life altering custody decisions to make.


This Book Gives You the Power to Make Better
Decisions. Do Not Become a Victim in Your Divorce. Establish
Your Position Early. This Book Will Empower You And Teach You How!

Listen to JIM GRIM’S Story:

Prior to meeting Greg, I tried to work with my former spouse to settle our differences directly between us, and with only limited legal counsel. As I tried to do so, I truly believed that we might get back together, and this belief tempered my judgment and clouded my vision. I ended up signing an agreement I never should have signed, and did so without the correct legal counsel. At the time, I felt that I knew how to negotiate, and I thought it all made sense. I was, however, completely unaware of the long term legal ramifications and other consequences, which turned out to cause me great personal pain and anguish, and to cost me so very much financially. Had I retained Greg’s services before I signed the Agreement, I would have saved myself countless nights of anguish, as well as large sums of money.” – JAMES GRIM, IconicEntrepreneur

Save Thousands of $Dollars, Hours,
and Headaches in Your Divorce
and/or Custody Matter(s)!

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gregory-pAre you wondering what you can learn from Gregory LaMonaca’s “BRUTALLY HONEST” book? Discover significant and important elements of the legal process that will literally save you countless hours of time, hassle, and money.

Learn how the present laws affect your case, to determine the best course of action

Discover the most brilliant way of “Unlocking youremotional Vault” to your current circumstances,so as to learn from your past, assess the present, and plan for your future and that of your children

“Brighten your path” to a successful outcome through tangible knowledge of the law

Learn how to protect your children and their well-being when facing custody disputes

Learn how to focus on what you can control and not on what you cannot control

Learn how to best hire a team of professional family law attorneys to advise and guide you through the process

PLUS… self-improvement strategies to help you regain confidence through a difficult divorce and/or custody process

DIVORCE AND CUSTODY DECISIONS ARE NEVER EASY… but by empowering yourself with knowledge and engaging in the correct preparation, you can increase the likelihood of a smooth and favorable outcome.

Do not wait until your divorce or custody matter
becomes a disaster!
Consider this book as aproactive step toward, and
protective measure of, your road to empowerment.
Get through with your divorce and/or custody matter
as painlessly as possible.

Download your copy now, do not delay!

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“I am honored and humbled to be able to serve you by way of this book and the other items mentioned above. I welcome the opportunity to be of assistance to you, your family and friends, should the need arise. Until then, live each day with purpose, passion, pride and love.”

Gregory P. LaMonaca, Esquire