Getting Married is Fun. Divorcing is Not.

Divorce in Pennsylvania requires the legal services of LaMonaca Law to ensure that your divorce paperwork is wrapped up with the least amount of difficulty and pain for all parties involved, including children.

Among the divorce cases and issues we handle are:

Out of Court Agreements

Just as soon as you and your spouse decide to divorce is the best time to seek professional legal counsel. At LaMonaca Law ...


Marital Property Distribution

LaMonaca Law can help you determine the best solution for the division and distribution of marital property.


Military Divorce

LaMonaca Law can assist with your divorce when one spouse, or both spouses, is in the military.


No Fault Divorce

No fault divorce is available in Pennsylvania on either a contested or an uncontested basis.


Post-Divorce Modification

Divorce can be overwhelming, and when it is finally over, you may feel refreshed and relieved, until something happens that may warrant ...



In Pennsylvania, an annulment is available under certain circumstances.


Uncontested Divorce

It may seem like an uncontested divorce is easy enough to handle on your own, but doing so is not advisable. There are...


Even if you do not know or understand what all of this means, you can count on LaMonaca Law to educate you and to serve your best interest in working for a swift, fair, and final settlement to your divorce case. When children are involved, we have the experience, skill, and compassion to handle issues like custody disputes, alimony, child support and other legal matters. We know your rights, and we will provide you with high quality legal counsel during your time of need, while at the same time, working on your behalf, perhaps through proper mediation. Divorce will involve many emotional, physical and financial aspects of your life.

Do not try to solve legal problems on your own! Call LaMonaca Law from anywhere near Media, PA, throughout the State, and beyond.

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