Even If Your Divorce Is Amicable, Consult With Us

It may seem like an uncontested divorce is easy enough to handle on your own, but doing so is not advisable. There are legalities that must be properly handled, especially if you and your spouse own any property, assets, or share financial accounts and responsibilities. We can make your uncontested divorce in Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County, and other counties throughout the State of Pennsylvania as efficient, effective and painless as possible. We will work to resolve your legal affairs quickly, by working on your behalf with your estranged spouse and/or with his or her attorney.

The knowledgeable attorneys of our family law firm know what needs to be done to achieve a final divorce in an amicable situation where the parties are in agreement on most of the terms. In these situations, the parties may simply need a lawyer to “make it official” or “take care of the paperwork.” Our attorneys will do that, but will also see to it that all of the “legalities” are attended to on your behalf, and no loose ends are left. When children or alimony are concerned, we will give you our best advice on how to proceed. We can and do work with your spouse and/or the attorney on the other side to handle your divorce quickly and in a cost effective manner.

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