Looking Out For The Best Interest Of Your Child

In Pennsylvania, as in many other states, Judges make decisions based upon the “best interests of the child(ren)” that is in accordance with law. The LaMonaca Law offers assistance in protecting your child’s rights. We are knowledgeable in many aspects of the rules regarding: custodial visitation, children’s rights in parental custody disputes, and even rights for children with disabilities in all public and private matters.

Many parents are unaware of what the laws allow or prohibit. Therefore, uninformed parents unknowingly break the rules or even mishandle Court orders. If you are unsure, please consult with one of our custody lawyers to determine your rights and your children’s rights.

In addition to being legally complex, often custody issues can be emotionally and physically draining. This is true for both for the children and the parents. If you need to resolve a problem in a child custody matter, our experienced family law attorneys have handled to the most complex to the most simple custody agreement, throughout the many counties of Pennsylvania. Our team of attorneys will represent you and your family with compassion, understanding, and timeliness. We can attend to all post-divorce or separation matters that children may be involved.

Ensure a bright future for your child, without disruption. Contact us now for children’s rights matters of all types.

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