Forensic Support Team

When it comes to “protecting what matters Most,” in my 30 plus years in practice, coming in 2nd place behind ones children, is Finances. Finances include all assets, debt, child support, spousal support, alimony, alimony pendent lite, equitable distribution, counsel fees, costs, sanctions, businesses, valuations of businesses, assets and the like, trusts, estate planning documents and countless other financial concerns. Our Forensic Support team works closely to plan, evaluate and advise. How much money will I have to pay? How much money will I receive? Analyzing all economic aspects is one of the key advantages of our strategic planning program. Getting ahead of the curve and making sure what you have been doing is ok, if not, identifying ways to correct and make it right. Planning various options on dividing the marital estate from a personal perspective, statutory perspective, tax perspective and many other considerations. What may be advantageous in one area such as property division, may wind up hurting in other areas such as support. We have contacts with many experts that can be brought on if necessary to advise and assist and fight for proper valuations and to ensure you get what you deserve and worked for.

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