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LaMonaca Law is knowledgeable in all divorce and annulment laws of Pennsylvania. We can help you determine if an annulment is the best solution for you and your spouse. For example, if one party was under the age of 18, unable to consent, or if the marriage was performed under duress or fraud, an annulment may be an option for you. Certain other laws may apply to your situation but this analysis must be done on a case-by-case basis because no two marriages or circumstances are the same.

Although many contemplated annulments may actually take the route of divorce, we can help you determine what grounds apply to your case and what course of action you should take. Annulments essentially make it so the marriage “on paper” did not exist. This allows the parties to move on as if they were never married, rather than being labeled as an ex-husband or ex-wife. An annulment makes the marriage “null and void” for purposes of the marriage record.

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