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We go above and beyond, to ensure the success and wellbeing of our clients. Our company is results-oriented with a reputation of excellence. Our attorneys have the experience, dedication and integrity to handle all of your family legal needs. Learn what sets us apart. Click here.

Here are many other reasons why you will find our practice to be a step above the rest:

  • Results: We have proven results throughout Pennsylvania, nationwide, and even internationally. Our firm has obtained outcomes that are highly favorable to our clients. From the most basic divorce and/or child custody matter to the most extreme and complex international child abduction matter, cash settlement(s), criminal defense, and advocating in many other areas of the law we will match you with the right lawyer(s) and/or other legal team members who know the ins and outs of the legal system.
  • Reputation: Our firm has been practicing for many years and has won many cases for our clients. We are well respected within the community and participate in as many ways as we can for the betterment of the legal profession.
  • Experience: From family matters such as divorce, custody, child support or estate matters; to domestic, medical malpractice, personal injury and criminal law and more, we will do everything in our power to achieve the results you seek. We know the court system extremely well.
  • Dedication: When we stand with you, we represent you with every ounce of commitment you would expect from your lawyer and legal team. We often work around the clock and weekends to achieve results for our clients.
  • Integrity: We believe in standing behind strong ethical and moral codes to do what is right and fair. We help to make recommendations for your best interest, your children’s best interest, and we operate with sincerity in all legal matters, without exception!

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