Added Responsibility as you progress in Life

Added Responsibility as you Progress in Life

Maybe I will use some of this after school?

“When will I ever use this again?” Throughout my schooling, I have heard this same question being asked over and over, whether it be in my own voice or any of the many students’ I have shared a classroom with. It would be naïve to assume that every student graduates remembering and retaining all the information from every class or lesson. But it would also be incorrect to then suggest that the slight facts and dates were the only important skills that were being developed.

Specifically, when I started to attend West Chester University as a Freshman, it became immediately apparent to me that I was not prepared to fully take on the added responsibilities that came with being a college student. There was no longer a teacher looking over my shoulder telling me I had to complete an assignment, that I had to show up every single day or I would get a detention and possibly sustain further punishment. I was on my own in college and it was up to me to show up to class and to do the work needed to get the grades I strove for. Fortunately, one of my favorite professors helped me adjust to the way in which most college classrooms operated whereby I was then able to adjust my own thinking to assimilate. The hardest part of the entire college transition came when it was time to take my first exam. In high school, I could skim the notes I took in class and pass each test without having to apply much effort. In college, I had to fully commit my time to understanding every topic I was being tested on, and not just knowing how to do the sample problems shown in class.

Fast forward to present day. I am finishing up my sophomore year of college and have now finally been able to figure out what studying techniques work best that allow me to best navigate and understand what techniques work best for the topic I am studying. I have learned how to study, and how to fully grasp each topic that I am trying to learn. Although my professors may disagree, I believe that learning how to learn, rather than learning specific topics has helped improve my matriculation at school far greater than the individual topics have.

Taking this new-found way of learning into LaMonaca Law has aided in my ability to quickly fill in where I am needed and not only learn the new processes, but understand the techniques behind them.  At LaMonaca Law we use the team approach to assist on all cases that come in to the Firm. Having this system allows me to excel in the areas that I know a lot about, while allowing me to also work alongside the many different talented attorneys and support staff  at LaMonaca Law. Doing this allows me to revel in the concept known as “CANI,” or Constant And Never ending Improvement. By committing to this process, learning new skills is ongoing.  These new skills are then transferred to my family, friends, fellow students, colleagues, fellow team members and most of all our client’s at LaMonaca Law.

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Alyssa was born and raised in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. She graduated from West Chester University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management accompanying a Minor in Finance. She has achieved the rank of third degree black belt, taught in her Martial Art School’s SWAT (Special Winning Attitude Team) program and was a member of their elite Demonstration Team, who won the World Championship in 2014.Ms. LaMonaca has been working at LaMonaca Law full time officially since 2014, however she has been involved in many aspects of the firm for many years prior. She currently is attending Law School, at Widener University Delaware Law School, to pursue her Law Degree and further expand her role(s) within the Firm. She currently is a strong contributor to the Firm’s Marketing, Branding and Social Media Department.