Amber Knew….That She Needed LaMonaca Law’s Team


Amber Knew….That She Needed LaMonaca Law’s Team

Amber knew as soon as she got it that the text message was not really about a stomach bug. Though she suppressed her worst fears for the moment and responded in a sympathetically concerned tone, she told herself not to be fooled. She was, but not for long.

The text message was from Amber’s husband, Conor, telling her that he and their two boys (ages seven and four) would not be flying back as scheduled the following night from their annual summer vacation trip to Conor’s home in County Clare, Ireland, because Conor had “a stomach bug.” Amber had flown back weeks ago, agreeing when she did that Conor and the boys would stay a little longer this year. Though she was just as glad to have some time away from Conor, she missed the boys and she was looking forward to their return, and to the more regular routine the start of the school year would bring. Even though Conor had become a US citizen, and the entire ten-year marriage had been here in Pennsylvania, he and the boys were also Irish citizens, and Amber knew the cancelled flight was more about that than it was about any stomach bug. Amber soon learned that Conor had registered the boys for school in County Clare; he was not only leaving her, but he was trying to keep the boys in Ireland. The trouble between Amber and Conor did not begin with that summer’s trip, not did it end without legal proceedings on both sides of the Atlantic over an extended period of time.

Once Amber realized what was happening, she contacted our office and we promptly initiated those legal proceedings, both here in Pennsylvania, and in Ireland, pursuant to the Hague convention. Time is of the essence in these situations, and with our help, Amber was able to act in time. She and Conor were eventually divorced. The boys still live primarily in Pennsylvania with Amber and they spend most of their summers with Conor in Ireland. Though ultimately all such arrangements depend on the cooperation of the parties, they are rarely reached without the help of counsel and the authority of the court. That is what we do; we help the parties reach a workable agreement, and we invoke the authority of the court where necessary to make sure it does work.

It is evident that there are more international marriages now than ever before. It is not evident, however, that these marriages are any more or less subject to divorce. Divorce and custody issues are difficult enough when everyone involved is in the same location. They become ever more complicated by issues of dual citizenship and when there are grandparents and extended family members in other countries. In those situations, it is imperative to have attorneys well-versed and experienced in the means and methods of international custody disputes to guide you through the process and to help you achieve your goals. At LaMonaca Law, we put together a team of experienced attorneys custom-tailored to your situation. Click or Call 610-892-3877

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