How to Approach the Emotions of Your Divorce


Divorce is a time to separate from your spouse, a time to end a chapter of your life, not a time to make the other party pay for the mistakes they made during the marriage.  This is a common mistake and a mistake that can cost you emotionally and financially.

Divorce is an emotional process that takes its toll on everyone.  It can also be a financially costly process.  What most don’t know is that the parties normally determine what the cost will be both financially and emotionally.  The need to make the other pay for their errors during the marriage will lead you down the path to a highly contested and expensive divorce.

When individuals are seeking revenge and retribution against a spouse, they often rely upon the advice of their friends and what I like to call “barber shop” lawyers. You know the people in the barber shop who have advice for every situation.  They normally tell you about a similar situation and more often than not they give advice that is completely wrong.  These individuals usually create more havoc, fear, and fuel anger!!!

Divorce is a process that your lawyer can help you navigate through.  Your lawyer will educate you on the process, make sure you get what is rightfully yours and help you through the emotional roller coaster.  Yes there will be disagreement over things during this process and there will most likely be things that get you upset.  However if you go into this with the thought that you want to get all that you deserve rather than you are going to make you soon to be ex. pay for messing up the marriage I assure you you will come out in a better emotional and financial position.

While it might not seem like it the way to get revenge on your ex is to come out of your divorce in a good emotional and financial position.  To be ready to start anew and to have and execute on a plan for your future.

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