Child Abduction Across International Borders – The Most Heart-Wrenching of All Family Law Matters.

Family Law is one of the most challenging areas of practice in the legal field. It is an emotionally charged, deadline driven, fast-paced field, which requires our team to adapt constantly and change according to the circumstances at hand. Emotions are always soaring in these cases, but for me, child abductions across international borders are the most heart-wrenching of all family law matters.

It takes an experienced team to navigate child abduction cases, whether it be to prevent a parent from leaving undetected with a child or to locate and return a child who is being wrongfully retained in another country. Through the International Hague Convention and coordinating efforts with the United States Department of State and the United States Embassy in the foreign land, we work tirelessly to locate and return abducted children to their left behind parent here on United States’ soil.

At LaMonaca Law, we have successfully litigated several Hague Convention cases, locating and reuniting abducted children with their left behind parent. Stepping in with the Hague Convention requires an experienced legal team who will fight incessantly for the return of your child.

Our legal team will fight for the safe return of your child to the United States. If your child has been abducted, or you fear they may be taken across international borders, contact us for help today.

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