Child abduction – There’s no greater emotional time in the life of the left-behind parent.


When a child is wrongfully removed, taken, or abducted from one parent by the other parent, there may be no greater emotional time in the life of the left-behind parent. These cases are extremely complex. The attorneys at the Law Office of Gregory P. LaMonaca have fought for parent’s rights throughout the state of Pennsylvania, the country, and even internationally. Our representation has dealt with relocation and abduction matters throughout the country and have even dealt with international abductions for children to remain here in the United States with our client, or to fight to bring back children who have been wrongfully abducted or retained in a foreign country.

In issues between states, there are specific laws written to assist in determining which state should have jurisdiction (or conduct whatever litigation is necessary, how that should be done, and what process is due). When Children are taken out of the country, there are likewise laws and treaties which were put in place for subscribing countries to follow. In either of these scenarios, time truly is of the essence, and you should consult an attorney qualified in these matters as soon as possible.

The qualified attorneys at The Law Office of Gregory P. LaMonaca can evaluate your specific facts and circumstances, so that the appropriate action can be taken.


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