Co-parent Counseling

Co-parent Counseling

Many custody cases involve co-parent counseling, whether it is agreed upon by the parties or ordered by the Court. But, what is co-parent counseling?

This form of counseling is designed to assist parents in developing better communication skills and developing parenting skills separate and apart from those learned and practiced by those in an in-tact marriage or family unit.

Once parents separate or divorce, the parenting methods and the communication skills used during the marriage or relationship are often no longer useful. Parents must learn to adapt and to find ways to discuss issues with one another, to share information, and to otherwise agree with regard to parenting decisions.

For some, this comes easily. For others, not so much. If a need for co-parent counseling exists, it can be extremely helpful in resolving ongoing patterns of conflict and dysfunction cause by two parents inability to communicate and cooperate effectively with regard to their children.

Co-parenting is imperative to ensuring that a child is raised with all the benefits of two parents despite a divorce or separation. It is important for parents to understand that their failure or refusal to co-parent will ultimately have a negative impact on their children and/or their relationship with their children.

When issues are consistently arising that stem from a breakdown in communication or from a refusal or unwillingness to cooperate, co-parent counseling may be the solution to ensure that the conflict between two parents does not affect their children.

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