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Four Applications That You Should Be Using to Facilitate Co-Parenting

Even in the most amicable of divorces, learning how to effectively co-parent your children is not something that comes naturally. When a family goes from being under one roof to being under two, the logistics involved can be overwhelming. Keeping one another in the loop on expenses, appointments, school functions, illnesses, birthday parties, all while juggling your own personal and professional schedules takes finesse and commitment. Below are four applications that can help you and your ex get organized and tackle co-parenting.

1.        2Houses – 2Houses’ tagline reads “We facilitate separated parents’ life”, and that’s exactly what this iOS/Android app does. The app has a Calendar tab that parents can access and make edits to, a Finances tab that tracks day-to-day spending as well as upcoming expenses, a Journal tab that allows parents to share information about the children, a Photo Album that parties can upload images to and share with one another, and Information bank for important telephone numbers, medical history, etc., and a Private Messaging feature. The application’s clean and easy-to-navigate layout make organization attainable.

2.       InBetween – InBetween is a simple navigation app for iOS that is powered by Apple Maps. Users plug in two locations and the app gives you an exact in-between point (hence the name). This app is great for parents who live far apart from one another, or simply who cannot agree on where to meet for a last-minute custodial transfer.

3.       JointParents – JointParents is a web-based application similar to 2Houses. Parents log in and have access to shared calendars, an expense tracker, discussion threads for things like household rules and punishments, a photo library, and a manager for medical information. One nice feature that is unique to JointParents is that users have access to Articles written by experts in the field of effective Co-Parenting and how to foster productive communication between parents.

4.      Two Happy Homes – Two Happy Homes is another web-based application that users log into to give and receive co-parenting updates. Like the other apps here, Two Happy Homes has a calendar, a messaging client, and a place to store important documents. What distinguishes THH is their focus on improving communication aspect of co-parenting, which is often the biggest hill to climb for parents. Another great feature that users have access to is a Community page where parents can seek either expert advice or put their questions to a community forum to find what has worked for other parents in their position.

These are just a few of the dozens of apps available to parents looking to streamline their co-parenting experience. It is important to note, however that these services simply serve to make communication and organization more convenient. Truly effective co-parenting requires both parents’ willingness to put aside their differences, step outside of their comfort zones, and communicate with one another in furtherance of the children’s interests. By prioritizing effective co-parenting with your ex, you can help make sure that your children aren’t subject to any unnecessary stress and anxiety.


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