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Let’s Help The Children Instead Of Making Things Worse

LaMonaca Law defends youths who have been accused of a wide variety of statutory offenses or delinquent acts, such as possession of marijuana or other illegal drugs, underage drinking, truancy, sex crimes, traffic citations, DUI under the legal drinking age of 21, theft and shoplifting crimes, computer crimes and all types of juvenile offenses. Our attorneys have handled many similar cases. Our juvenile court attorneys in Pennsylvania will make every effort to ensure a satisfactory outcome of your childís case. We can defend your child throughout the court process. Throughout the engagement of our juvenile legal services, we work with the parents and the child hands on and with compassion, no matter how severe the charges may be. The best interest of your child is our main concern. We will always give you sound legal advice to ensure the most effective handling of your and your child’s case. We believe the rehabilitation and correction process should put the childís wellbeing first and foremost, and that is our top concern.


Our experienced Family Law Attorneys are ready to help you.

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