Court refuses to release Kesha from contract with her alleged abuser

A Manhattan Supreme Court judge recently refused to cancel the six-album contract between pop star Kesha (Kesha Rose Sebert) and music producer Dr. Luke, whose real name is Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald. The case has garnered national media coverage because Kesha alleges that Dr. Luke abused her, physically and emotionally, for ten years. Kesha requested the court issue an injunction that would allow her to record music outside of the contract with Dr. Luke. Dr. Luke’s record label, Kemosabe Records, falls under music giant Sony. Sony argued that Kesha should not be released from her contract because she can still record music without any direct interaction with Dr. Luke. The judge ruled that, if the contract was nullified, it would cause irreperable harm to Sony and undermine the state’s contract laws.

Kesha filed a lawsuit against Dr. Luke in October 2014 alleging that, ten years ago, when she was 18, Dr. Luke drugged and raped her. It also alleges that Dr. Luke has continued to psychologically and emotionally her. Dr. Luke has denied the allegations.

Several female artists, including Adele, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift, have publically supported Kesha in her attempt to be released from her contract. Swift even donated $250,000 to Kesha for her “financial needs.”

Kesha’s fight to be free from her abuser is not uncommon among many victims of abuse. In some cases, the person being abused is financially dependent upon their abuser. It takes courage, strength and the support of loved ones to free oneself from the cycle of abuse. Kesha’s legal battle has brought this subject to light and into the discussion of the mainstream media. Many have applauded Kesha for her strength and speaking out against her abuser.

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