To what length will you go to be in your kid’s life?  How much does it make a difference to your kids that you spend time with them?  Is it better to work out custody with the other parent?  All these questions and more present themselves in the 1990’s movie Mrs. Doubtfire!!!!

In Mrs. Doubtfire, Robin Williams plays Daniel Hillard a freelance voice actor in San Francisco. Though a devoted father to his children Lydia, Chris, and Natalie, his wife Miranda considers him unreliable. One day, Daniel quits his job and returns home to throw a lavish birthday party for Chris despite Miranda’s objections, creating a situation with their neighbors. Miranda files for divorce, and the Judge grants sole custody of the children to her, but tells Daniel if he can find a steady job and a suitable residence within three months, he will consider shared custody, but for now Daniel can only see the children on Saturdays only.  Daniel begs the Judge to reconsider, stating that one day a week is simply not enough time to spend with his children.  The judge tells him he will see him in three months.

Daniel did what any good father would do, he complied with the court order.  Daniel gets a job at the local TV station and suitable residence.  He also notice that Miranda is seeking a housekeeper.  He devises a scheme which allows him to spend more time with his children.  That’s right he invents the character Mrs. Doubtfire, a Scottish Nanny with impressive credentials.  Of course Miranda hires Mrs. Doubtfire and things are going great.  Mrs. Doubtfire is happy to spend time with the children and Miranda has a nice orderly house.  Of course this does not last long and everyone finds out Mrs. Doubtfire is really Daniel!!!

At their next custody hearing, the Judge grants Miranda full custody of the children despite Daniel’s ability to secure a job and home. The Judge was not happy with Daniel’s deception and reduced his custodial time to one day a week, supervised visits only!!!  (OUCH)

Without Mrs. Doubtfire, Miranda and her children become depressed, recognizing how much Mrs. Doubtfire improved their lives. They are surprised when the local station starts a new children’s show “Euphegenia’s House” which Daniel, in the Mrs. Doubtfire outfit, hosts. The show becomes a hit and starts airing across the country.  I would like to tell you that this was the spark to get the two back together but it wasn’t.  What it did was start them down the path to successfully co-parenting.

Would you go through such lengths to spend time with their children?  Should you have to?  Not happy with the amount of custodial time you get with your children?  You don’t have to cross-dress to spend time with your children, call us here at LaMonaca Law 610-892-3877 we will walk you through the custody process and work to get a custody order that truly is in the best interest of the children?

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