Do you have a PFA that has been violated?


Do you have a PFA that has been violated?

Do you have a Protection from Abuse order that has been violated? Whether it is your ex-spouse, a stalker or someone else you feel threatened by, domestic violence is an extremely dangerous situation that must be rectified immediately. Our family law attorneys can represent you in PFA matters throughout Pennsylvania.

Particularly in divorce cases, the likelihood of domestic violence becomes even more of a concern. In some cases, spousal abuse and domestic violence is the reason for getting a divorce, and therefore the victim may be in fear of his or her estranged partner, and in need of legal protection. LaMonaca Law will work to get that protection for you, so that you can sleep with a sense of peace.

Our team at LaMonaca Law has extensive experience handling Protection from Abuse matters.  We will help make sure your rights are protected.  Let us be your voice.

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